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Recently Published

Recently Published

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August 2017

Isolationism (Justus D. Doenecke)

July 2017

Roe v. Wade (Mary Ziegler)

June 2017

The Long War on Drugs (Anne L. Foster)

May 2017

Temperance and Prohibition (H. Paul Thompson Jr.)

April 2017

Suburbanization in the United States after 1945 (Becky Nicolaides, Andrew Wiese)

March 2017

Latino Environmentalism (Sara C. Fingal), summary
Latinos in Film (Laura Isabel Serna)
Public Sector Unionism (Joseph E. Hower)
Technology and the Environment (Timothy James LeCain), summary
The History of the U.S. Supreme Court (Timothy S. Huebner), summary
U.S.-Israel Relations (Olivia L. Sohns)
United States Strategy in the Asia-Pacific (Michael R. Anderson), summary

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